Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liberal Ideology

Question: “What I don’t get is why the left in America are still so in love with Obama.”

Answer: Liberalism TRUMPS all. It’s really as simple as that. Let me elaborate a little. If you are a Liberal you don’t care if gas prices go up even though it hurts you equally, you don’t care if your own taxes go up, you don’t care if your own child is stuck in a crappy government school, all that matters is Liberal Orthodoxy. Sound crazy? Well, it is, but Liberals are mentally ill. Who is in favor of things that work against there own best interests? Liberals, because they figure those things are hurting Republicans worse.

I believe that Liberals are really mentally ill (plus emotional and spiritually ill) and I am not making a joke about this. Seriously. Think about it. They are totally irrational, no common sense, you can’t reason with them, they are usually hateful, etc. It's insanity...

Mentally ill people don’t know that they are ill, either -- which makes it worse, of course. Instead, they think they are just smarter, more noble or whatever -- totally deluded and totally impossible to deal with.

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